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We value your opinion at Pathways Family Chiropractic! If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Dan Mukai
Your Surrey Chiropractor

"Once we started at Pathways Family Chiropractic it was like a light bulb went off! Aanya very quickly had more energy and she was always smiling. Her homework was beginning to make more sense and her teachers were noticing improvements. To see the progress every day and have others notice it as well is the best feeling as a parent.I love coming to the office! It has a homey feel and Dr. Dan and his staff are amazing! They celebrate all the successes with you along the way and it never feels like you’re in a clinic"

-Manpreet and Aanya S. Age 7

"I started seeing Dr. Dan at the beginning of my second pregnancy in hopes of a successful VBAC by ensuring optimal position of the baby. Since being treated by Dr. Dan I no longer suffer from any neck tension. He has also provided me with so much relief and comfort during all the changes my body has gone through during my pregnancy. Dr. Dan has been so caring and genuine during my time here! He takes the time to hear your needs and explain what he is doing. I am so happy I found Dr. Dan!"

-Megan F. 

"Within a few months we started noticing Kennedy's torticollis begin to align. Kennedy was becoming happy and well. The difference was simply amazing! A true miracle! Everyone was amazed to see how straight her neck and posture had become and how much happier she was. Kennedy’s health and development sky rocketed from there on. She surpassed all milestones much earlier than expected and became very independent and confident. We all truly believe that Dr. Dan is Kennedy’s miracle worker. Without his intervention who knows what pain she would still be going through and whether or not her neck would be permanently turned to one side. We cannot thank Dr. Dan enough. He gave Kennedy her life back."

-Kristy and Kennedy T. Age 14 Months

"Rylan has been seeing Dr. Dan over the last several months and within the first couple weeks his teacher mentioned that she was starting to notice changes with his level of focus! We have received such great feedback from Rylan’s teacher, saying she is continually seeing positive changes. Rylan is participating in class, engaging more, his focus has improved, and he is now putting up his hand to answer questions, as well as being able to sit longer to do his work! Dr. Dan has been so wonderful, understanding, caring, and knowledgeable and is always there to answer any questions you might have! Pathways Family Chiropractic is such a happy and relaxing environment to visit, where you are always greeted with a friendly smile!"

-Michelle and Rylan C. Age 8

"Ever since Matteo was three years old he had difficulty with hyperactivity, impulsiveness and an explosive behavior.  For a few years I tried many remedies but what has impressed me the most was the treatment he received from Dr. Dan and his team. Matteo's personality has adjusted in a way where he can control his explosive outbursts so much more,  he can relax his body with greater ease and where doctors before said he may be at risk for a learning disability due to focus. Dr. Dan's team is so warm and approachable that my entire family enjoys coming to his office."

-Sandra and Matteo R. Age 7

"Since beginning treatment at Pathways we have noticed a huge increase in concentration, resulting in a total turn around in school. We have received great feedback from Alejandro’s Speech-Language Pathologist saying “he has become more attentive, participates in activities and has shown great improvement!” We are so pleased with Alejandro’s improvement and love to come to the office! The care and love is evident throughout. Dr. Dan loves making a difference and it definitely shows!" 

-Marvin and Alejandro M. Age 10

"After just a few adjustments my physical health changed drastically, I was having less pain and more mobility. My mental health and sleep also showed improvement! Olivia’s colic and temperament changed almost immediately, she was a completely different baby after seeing Dr. Dan. We only wish that we would have taken her for chiropractic care sooner! Pathways is definitely family oriented and very accommodating! Carolyn always greets us with a smile and never hesitates to entertain Olivia for me while I get adjusted. We find Dr. Dan to be knowledgeable and genuinely invested in our family’s health and well being!"

-Mindy and Olivia J. Age 9 months

"During the last couple months of my pregnancy I was extremely uncomfortable with bad sciatic pain and misalignment. After a couple of adjustments I noticed a major relief. I strongly believe that the benefits of having chiropractic care throughout the remainder of my pregnancy was why I had such a fast labour with no intervention and a quick recovery time. Not only was this great for me, but the birth was less stressful on my son. The labour of my first son to second was 1000x better with being regularly adjusted. My son has been under the care of Dr. Dan since he was born. He is such a healthy and happy baby not suffering from digestion issues, gas and is an amazing sleeper!"

-Stephanie D & Kai Age 6 months

"Since going to chiropractic therapy I have noticed a huge change in my body. I am able to move more fluidly without pain in my back. Most importantly my little man became head down allowing him to continue growing, preparing for his birth. With less stress on my back, neck and pelvic floor I have spent the past month continuing to relax and prepare for my baby; getting the nursery ready as well as having friends and family over. I feel more comfortable now at 39 weeks then I did at 25 or 33 weeks. With the help of Dr. Dan I learned how to relax and I started listening to my body, allowing me to create a healthier me and a healthier experience for my baby." 

-Crystal P. 

"Thank you for all the work you have done for my foot and all the improvement in my body. My foot is less painful after all the work you did. And Becky, you are very friendly and smiley and make me enjoy my visits."

- Suhaana B. Age 11

"My experience at Pathways Family Chiropractic has been nothing short of excellent. My stress levels have decreased; my mood is much happier; I am able to quiet my mind daily which has resulted in better sleep patterns. Chiropractic treatment is effective for conditions that most people aren't aware of. I highly recommend Pathways to everyone. Becky and Dr. Dan welcome patients like family, which makes the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable."

- Trudi Y.

"Here is my recommendation for an awesome chiropractor: Dr. Dan Mukai of Pathways Family Chiropractic. He specializes in paediatric and family care at his South Surrey practice. Dr. Dan realigned my back, hips and legs. I can't recommend Dr. Dan, and his lovely manager/wife Becky, enough. And no, I'm not getting any commission nor am I related to him!"

- Sylvia Y.